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Don't tell me the moon is shining...
...show me the glint of light on broken glass
Common Purpose 
30th-Dec-2009 11:57 pm

Common Purpose
Originally uploaded by maggiejisgo
Wow so uh, it seems I stopped caring that I have an LJ. Actually, I think the problem is that I do nothing of any relevance or value to the world. That said, here's a photo from the last time I did something that made me feel fulfilled and good about humanity. New Orleans over Thanksgiving week was amazing. Thanksgiving was my grandmother's holiday, and when she died Thanksgiving became impossible for me to enjoy. She died in 2007 and I think she'd be really proud of how I spent my week considering she spent much of her life as a welfare director devoting herself to helping others. This photo is of our group with our crew chiefs, proud and exhausted after a week of sheet rocking a house in Gentilly for a woman whose husband had suffered a massive stroke post-Katrina and was basically incapacitated. She's been sleeping on a trailer floor since 2005. Thanks, American government, you really totally didn't fuck that up or anything.

In any case, tomorrow night we usher in a new decade... crazy. I've been looking at the New York Times' Lens Blog's "Documenting the Decade," a collection of user-submitted photos that they think accurately represents the events that unfolded in the past ten years. Nothing really struck me nearly as much as the overwhelming quantity of photos from the night Barack Obama got elected. That's seriously the only time I've ever been proud to be an American, and the photos brought me back to that pub in Norwich, England where at four in the morning we exploded into elated cries and happiness and I got hugged by my British friends and welcomed back, as an American, to the international stage. So what if I'm a little disillusioned right now... that's something I will never, ever forget.

Tomorrow I'll be posting my list of my favorite albums of the decade... a little less deep or thought provoking or whatever, but still awesome. Stay tuned.
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